Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello all, I hope you had a good week . Last week I took up the challenge of completing a project called Week In the Life. This project is an initiation by Ali Edwards to document one week of your life each year.

You can read more about the project here

This is my second year trying this project and I'm so happy I completed it. Just two years I have already made some observations and the differences in my life. I'm sure looking back few years later , it will be an amazing experience. Here are some of the differences in how I approach my project .

ONE | In 2013, I took the photos mostly using DSLR. This year I only used my Iphone5 and pictapgo app to edit the photographs

TWO | In 2013, my setting is in a junior collage, my role is a teacher. In 2014, my setting is a university, my role is as a student teacher.

THREE | I use the timer capability in iOS 8 and daringly place my phone in weird places, even public, just to take a photo of what i'm doing . I think it's really rewarding . You can also just ask passer-by or friends or collegues to help you take the photo. Candid is best :) Post candid is good too :p

I'm also getting alot of difference in feelings and emotions by just looking at the photographs, seeing what i do and also what I choose to photograph. My routine changes a bit, my love for coffee grew. It's good to see what you have been doing and living as a whole. I can also see what's missing in my life and how will i (or not ) what to improve on, what can i (or should I not) change :) 

Here are some photographs to share . 

This photograph is taken by placing the camera on a neighbouring table while my friends were chatting :)

This photograph is inspired by Ali , how she place her camera and frame it as a peeking into the door kind of photograph :)

The perspective that's i'm getting every morning when I travel.

A classroom setting 

asking a friend to take a photo of me in the cafe :)

Daringly place the phone on the ground when there is no one around :)

Hope you take up the challenge and document one week of your life. Check out this WITL community by Ali Edwards and  Paperclipping forum for more discussion about this WITL project . 

I'm working on the Album now and will be sharing very soon :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finishing up unshared CNY Cards

Hello friends
I realise that I have some CNY cards which I had not share 
so here goes :)

Each card is SGD6.80 (:
Each card comes with free envelop and title/greetings of choice
*Special promotion until 31st Jan*
Double the happiness 
Get 2 cards for SGD12.80 (:

Each card is made with acid free materials to ensure they maintain
its mint quality through time .
This series of card comes with an acetate(transparency) cover ,
adding a special touch and dimension to the picture .
Inks and paints above each other gives them an element of layers and layers of content .
I hope you love them as much as I love making them :) 
and do grab them while they are here
because each of them is a special one !

Please refer to this post for order information 


Note that each card is unique
and there are no exact same cards made here :)
Hence all sales are first come first serve









Monday, September 1, 2014

Learn Something New Everyday - Shimelle's [Perpectual] Online class

I have joined Shimelle's class for 3 years so far, it was a fun and interesting experience, every year i feel differently. Come and join us. Know more about this class here, here and here. You can purchase the class here.

This year i'm going to incorporate my lessons into my project life pocket pages :) Keeping it simple.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

BPC Process Class challenge - Slides

I swear I haven been up to date in sharing my layouts with you all. Sometimes maybe we procrastinate so much. Especially so when the item hits #1 in your to-do list, you will dread to do it. I use Evernote to organise all my to-dos, but I usually don't finish them in the order of importance, usually it ends up as doing them in the order that I feel is convenient , or those that I want to do get done first. Sometimes, it gets funnier. I have a to-do list, but I do other things , and when it get done, I type them into the to do list just so that I can check them off happily. Does it happen to you? Do share :)

Anyhow, here is another layout I meant to share with you guys for quite sometime. It was done during the period of them when I scrap a bunch of mixed media style pages, just because I have my mediums out and convenient to reach for :)

This layout is an assignment for the class Process by Big Picture Classes with Catherine Davis. Catherine is such a wonderful designer, love her style that is always so timeless and artistic. This challenge is to use slider frame. Catherine has hers cut out using Silhouette machine. I have meant to do this layout for a long time too , but I was lazy to pull out my silhouette. A few months later, I bought a boardgame that has sheets of punched out chipboard cubes. After punching out all of those game pieces, I realise the remaining can be used on a scrapbook page or some alter art. Hence I saved them in my scrap room. A few months later, I revisited the classroom and the idea struck me, that I can use this chipboard negative to create layout for this challenge :)

I gesso over the entire chipboard so it becomes smooth and sturdier and opaque white. 
I limit the layout to just 3 colors, white black and gold. It's simple and I love how it turns out!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking into creating an editorial calender so that I become more consistent with my posting :) Well, and we all know that this "to-do-task" cannot be #1 on my to-do list or it will never get done! Haha! 

Till next time :) Ciao!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Handmade Album (paperbag)

Hello all. I definitely have been neglecting my blog. When school and all kicks in, I'm busy busy busy. Not to mention the Wisdom tooth which decides to swell up and cause chewing a pain. OUCH.

Ok, let's talk about scrappy things instead that makes us happy shall we?

Here I have with me, 2 more handmade album to share.

This is a album is made out of paperbags. There are 4 paper bags in all, creating 4 large pockets and 8 sides pages. Each of the large pocket holds 2 tags. In addition to the large pockets, there are also several smaller pockets where you can slot in ephemeras as well. There is a ribbon closure on the cover to secure all your photos and anything that you had stuff inside :) This album is approximately 4 inches by 5 inches

If you are interested in this handmade mini album, feel free to contact me at I will be glad to answer any queries.

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Starbust layout + GIveaway!

Hello all. As the Super Stashbuster is about to start, I recall I had one more layout from the stash buster anonymous that I have yet to share. If you notice the layout on my Facebook page cover, here is the full layout reveal :)

I used mainly 6x6 papers from giltz design and My Mind Eye. And cut them into triangles using the template Aly has provided us . Then I stitch in the middle using a handy dandy hand held sewing machine/device . the same as the one I used in this layout
Extra photos that are not of the same color scheme are tucked behind the layers of papers. I didnt glue the entire paper down so that I have room to tuck things in as and when I like. i also love to tuck in extra journaling in the future :) You can also try this to get different perspective from other people who attended the event you scrapbook about on your page :) 

Thanks for looking. And now for the giveaway! 
Visit my facebook page simply do the following

1. Like the facebook page
2. Share the giveaway post on your timeline 

(**those who are already my page LIKERS , you have to share the post in order to be eligible for the giveaway :) 

Here is what you will get!
Giveaway is open to everyone , international :)
All the best!